mardi 17 décembre 2019

Sherman Fury - Part.08

Figure is ready now.
I tried to represent the driver of this famous tank, the Corporal Trini "Gordo" Garcia.
the thing is not easy on this scale.
The next article will be the final photos of the Fury.

jeudi 5 décembre 2019

Sherman Fury - Part.07

First photo of my simply base. Some détails to correct and paint.
I'm waiting an accessory and a figure to complete and it will be completly done.

vendredi 15 novembre 2019

Sherman Fury - Part.05

Paintjob has started.
Olive Drab + few drops of Flesh
Camon in Black + few drops of Olive Drad
And some highlights with Yellow & some drops of Olive Drab

mercredi 13 novembre 2019

Sherman Fury - Part.04

Primer is now done. Olice drab soon.

At first I thought to use a Sale 75 figurine. They are very beautiful but I am very disappointed because, as we can see in this picture, they are really too small. I think that here we are close to the HO scale.

lundi 4 novembre 2019

Sherman Fury - Part.02

Work on the Sherman's hull is almost done.
I'm waiting for a right turret now, a T23 Late (that of the Dragon kit is an early ).

lundi 28 octobre 2019

Sherman Fury - New project

I decided not to paint my LRDG truck right now to present it in event and contest "before painting". My recent "Highly commended" at SMC comforting me in this choice. I will come back to it later, the time to present it in WIP in some events.

So, this is my new project with the most famous Sherman : Fury.

The tank of the film seems to be given to be an M4A2E8 with T84 tracks but this kind of Sherman did not serve on the European front during the Second World War.

So, just like the version that was shown in the Steelmasters 158 (French Modelers Magazine), I decided to make a Sherman whose presence in Germany in 1945 is possible historically.
Do, it will be a M4A3E8 with T66 tracks.

Small mix between the real history and the cinema, therefore.

- Dragon Sherman M4A3E8
- LZ Model resin conversion from LZ Model
- OKB T66 tracks
- RB Models gun and shell
- Résin accessories, box and ammunitions, from my friend Olivier
- Perhaps HVSS system from a UM Model. Dragon seem poor in détails.

I've started with the tracks :

jeudi 24 octobre 2019

SMC Eindhoven - Scale Model Challenge 2019 - Part.03

And last part with this time my rewards.
I was lucky to be rewarded 4 times in this contest and saw the level, I admit you do not sulk my pleasure

Silver for Diorama (Standard)

And 3 Highly Commended in Scratch, Vignette and Vehicule :


mercredi 23 octobre 2019