vendredi 3 avril 2020

Diorama Kharkov

In this complicated period where containment is king, there is a little more time to spend on models.
So I started a little diorama around Kharkov in March 1943.
It will stage a Sd.Kfz 253 and a Stug III Ausf.G Early from Grossdeutschland.

Sd.Kfz 253 from S-Model.
Really beautiful model which requires little addition to make a very nice model.

The Stug III Ausf.G Early is from Dragon.

I sincerely think that it is one of the most beautiful model of Dragon, superbly detailed. The only real modification is the driver's vision hatch and some parts to refine.

And figures from Caesar in winter uniform :

I'm still thinking about creating the little diorama putting it all on stage.