mercredi 8 décembre 2021

French 2eme DB - M12 "Pluto" - Part.06

 Weathering is done.

I still have to make the protective covers and add boxes and various accessories

jeudi 9 septembre 2021

French 2eme DB - M12 "Pluto" - Part.01

New project with this time an M12 loaned by the American Army to the French 2nd Armored Division, to the third battery of the 3rd RAC.
They were French for a short period: from January 11 to 19, 1945 to be more precise.
Despite their short stay, 2 machines, the PLUTO and the DONALD, were still painted in French colors.


Source :

My final project will be to represent PLUTO on an M26 Dragon Wagon when it is returned to the Americans. Probably other vehicles will come to take place on the diorama.

For the M12, i'm using :

- M12 UM

- Some parts from M4 Heller

- Some scratchbuilt 

Here, the start :

mardi 4 mai 2021

Krupp Protze & 75mm leIG 18 - Part.01

Small recreational break with a simple project before starting to paint my M32.

This is a Kfz.69 Krupp Protze (Dragon Models) towing a 75mm ieIG 18 (Pegasus)

Here I tried to bring the figurines to life by showing a very tired crew after long months of Blietzkig. Somewhere in Bulgaria, in march 1941, in transition before the invasion of Greece, the crew was forced to take a break because their howitzer had a flat tire.

While waiting for a repair vehicle, the crew are resting as best they can.