jeudi 1 juin 2023

Laffly S15R

 A long time ago, I came across this image and I always said to myself that I would make this model. But only here, the Alby model was not found. 

But only here, the Alby model was not found. But recently I was finally able to find it and make the project a reality.

So here is the basic model is from Alby, the machine guns from Firma 49. Some accessories from Firma 49 and Zona 72. The bags and blankets are in scratch. The figurine is a DDay Miniature with a French tank head (And its specific helmet). Custom decals are from BrailleStrike

The base of the diorama is a personal manufacture, the floor was made with AK product. The label will soon be modified by a metal plate.

The portrait photos are unforgivable and I see that I have some faults to correct like the brown stain on the hood and the yellow representation of the very ugly headlight bulb.

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